Windows 10 could also be installed on Chromebooks

Chromebook computers have their advantages but also their disadvantages, such as the impossibility of using software only compatible with Windows. This may change in the coming months.

The XDA Developers site indeed reveals that the project which bears the code name "Campfire" would be under development and would allow Chromebook owners to install Windows 10. It would not replace Chrome OS but would take its place alongside it thanks to a dual boot system which would offer the possibility of booting on one system or the other, just as some users do on Mac or on PC with Linux.

If the project materializes, this possibility would however not be accessible to all models for reasons of technical limitation. Only devices with sufficient disk space reserved for Windows, at least 30 GB out of 40 GB in total, would be eligible. This therefore excludes Chromebook devices with less than 20 GB of disk space.

The other barrier will be that related to the capacities of the processor. Even though Windows 10 is now able to run on an ARM processor, only the Snapdragon 835 model and the upcoming Snapdragon 850 model are able to run a Windows system. Compatible Chromebook computers must therefore have one of these processors or an Intel processor in addition to offering sufficient storage capacity.

The site that reveals the information is quite optimistic about the actual arrival of Campfire and its "Alt OS" mode. It could be presented in preview very soon on the occasion of the arrival of a possible second generation Pixelbook or the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone models.

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