Windows 10: the April update is ready, should it be installed and how?

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After several months of development and a bug-delayed release, the major Windows 10 update expected for this month is ready. It is already possible to install it but it is not offered through Windows Update at first. Above all, should we be tempted?

Microsoft's April 2022 Update brings many new features, starting with the most highlighted: the Timeline. This is the user's activity history. The design continues to evolve with small changes in several parts of the system and other new features make it easier to use Windows 10 such as proximity sharing which allows files to be exchanged easily via Bluetooth.

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As a major update many system files will be replaced. Microsoft has once again sought the help of volunteer testers enrolled in the Windows Insider program, thus minimizing the risk of bugs, but as with each update, the result can vary greatly depending on the configuration of the devices.

If you are not particularly in a hurry, it is better to wait for the update to be available through Windows Update. The distribution will be progressive, the most recent PCs tested thanks to the manufacturers will be the first served then Microsoft will trigger the sending on the other machines according to their configuration and gradually correcting the bugs. It is therefore the most reliable method.

What precautions to take and how to install it?

If you are impatient, it is possible to install the April 2022 update from this Monday, April 30 by using the update assistant which is available on the dedicated page of the Microsoft site. By clicking on "update now" you get the software that will guide you through the update phases.

However, it is necessary to take some precautions beforehand that we detail in a subject to help you prepare your PC as well as possible. The essential measure is of course the prior backup of his most important personal data.

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The other method is to download a version of Windows 10 using Microsoft's "Media Creation Tool" available on this page to "install Windows 10 on your PC". By creating a bootable DVD or USB key you can do a fresh install of Windows 10 1803, which minimizes the risk of bugs but also requires you to reinstall your data and software.

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